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Here are some inspiring stories from the churches about the impact of our funding in transforming buildings for mission


"We lacked space, modern catering, toilet facilities and access for the disabled"

Station Hill Chippenham.jpg


"Our new church building now fits the needs of our community and brings people together"

Newport 3.jpg


"Islay Baptist Church is a very small church, there was no way we could have afforded the work required without the generosity of the grant we received."

Islay 1.jpg


"Our church consisted of an older brick front building and pre-fabricated 'add-ons' all of which were showing their age. In 2012 the decision was made for a complete re-build"

Picture 56.jpg

Ewyas Harold

"Our buildings are now in a better position to serve our community thanks to the help of a grant from BBCIO’s Empowering Change Fund"

Picture 1.jpg


"At Ewhurst Baptist Church, we wanted to create access to our garden and create a patio space, to benefit the church and allow more use by the community."

Ewhurst 5.jpg
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