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"At Ewhurst Baptist Church, we wanted to create access to our rear garden by installing patio doors in the anteroom adjacent to the kitchen, and creating a patio space in the garden, to benefit the church and allow more use by the community. The anteroom had a window looking out onto the garden.


We received an initial setback when our original contractor was unavailable to do the work. However, through our toddler group, we found a new contractor, who came highly recommended. Thankfully, Chris Wright and his team, including his son, Andy, were willing to accommodate the work at very short notice. We were very grateful!


Work began on the 5th May 2022. Over the next few days, the base was dug, the membrane and hardcore foundation were laid, the wall was cut out in preparation for the new doors and the patio was laid."

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"The following week, the landscaping was completed, flattening the join between lawn and patio and the fence was completed using salvaged panels and with more help from Chris’s team. Once the doors were in, Chris’s team were back to complete the finishing touches!


Happily, we have already been able to use this new space to benefit our community. Due to the forecast bad weather, we invited our local Jubilee street party, which we were joining with, to use our facilities. The new doors and patio were much appreciated."

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"The garden is now accessible and will be used by our toddlers’ group, our seniors’ club, and our youth club. We will also use the garden after Sunday services, during refreshments, and for any other special events we hold. We have an aluminium ramp to enable easy access, which was in use during the latter part of the Jubilee party as there we three wheelchair users present. We have already had numerous positive comments made about the new doors and patio.


Thank you so much to all the team at Baptist Building CIO, for partnering with us in this project. Without your help this would not have been possible, and the new patio area will now be a significant and ongoing blessing to our community. Our building team have done an amazing job, leaving us with a high-quality patio area, to use and enjoy for many years to come."

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